A journey through time, into the deep and mysterious forests of Southern Burgundy, but above all into the hearts of men and women with linked destinies. It all began in 1844, when Hippolyte Prost, a native of the country, took over his father's pottery workshop, thus laying the first stone of a business that would mark time and history. Since then, the factory has never stopped its activity and preserves the cultural heritage of artisanal ceramic manufacturing.

Located in the heart of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, the Charolles Manufacture has been promoting ceramic know-how since 1844.

Today, nothing has changed.


Created in 2005, the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” ( EPV ) label is a State label set up to distinguish companies. This label distinguishes companies, such as the Manufacture de Charolles, which promote French industrial and artisanal excellence and which perpetuate exceptional know-how.


Flohymont Group

In 2023, the manufacture joined the Flohymont Group, specialized in the decoration sector for the most exclusive interiors.

“Our ambition is to sustainably develop each of our Houses around common values” Romain Piraux CEO


Respect our heritage
Preserve unique know-how
Innovate through design and creativity
Commit to local and artisanal production